In humid areas, longer drying times may be required.    *** Not Recommended over medium to dark paint colours due to water vapour being trapped which could cause streaking ***   Instead use the Natural Stain and Finishing Oil over medium to darker colours for extra added durability on high traffic areas such as kitchen cabinets, table tops or flooring. Applying two coats of Glossy Tough Coat with a foam brush or applicator pad all over ensures it seals and finishes properly. Clean up with water. Apply with a roller, brush or damp, lint-free cloth onto recently painted surfaces. Hi, Just painted bedroom side table with Fusion Mineral paint in Chocolate. This is due to Fusion's Tough Coat drying quickly, and trapping water vapor between the paint and the Tough Coat. Allow to dry for 12 hours before applying subsequent coats of Fusion colours. If applying to a recently painted surface, allow 12-24 hours of drying time before applying. Fusion™ has a built in top coat that is very durable, stain resistant and waterproof once cured (approximately 21 days). 500 mL covers approximately 75 square feet. Shake gently before use. NOTE: Fusion Tough Coat may appear milky when applied over dark Fusion Mineral Paint colours, such as Coal Black, Ash, Chocolate and Midnight Blue. If applying to a recently painted surface, allow 12-24 hours of drying time before applying. Sale. Every once in a while we need a little extra help. Ensure the Poly is well mixed prior to use, but do not shake. Fusion has several options for top coats and finishings and we wanted to break down the differences for you. … Dries to a matte finish. I got white streaks in finish. This product comes in two lustre : a satin finish and a glossy finish. Perfect for those high traffic surfaces such as table tops, seating, doors and floors. The protective sealant is made of quality resins that do not turn yellow over time. /*

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